Sunday, May 20, 2007

Picture and Story 1

Thought I would start something new here at DigitalRichDaily. Like most of what I write, it’s for me. If it’s interesting to you too, cool.

I see this blog as an amazing opportunity to journal stories, thoughts and events that my family will be able to reference for many years. What an amazing thing this is. How would the world be different if generations past had the same ability to document life in this way? While the prominent in society certainly did (published books, letters, etc), most did not.

The idea here is to publish a family photo and tell the back story. This first edition is a simple one. The picture is of A when she was younger, sitting in our empty living room in our old house. The home was the first we owned, and getting in the house took up about all the liquid wealth we had, leaving little for furnishings. The entire time we owned this house (1995-2003) the living room remained absolutely empty.

It was awesome.

The room became our playroom. Not the kind packed with plastic toys, dolls and assorted plastic things made in China. It was a serious playroom. An empty playroom. The kind you did somersaults in, where we stood handstands, hoolahooped, wrestled, fought tickle battles and played soccer with little plastic balls in. This room was the place we set up the Christmas tree, played indoor football, had sleepovers in. Nothing like this in our new home. I miss it.

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Liza on Maui said...

Great idea! Looks forward to reading more of this.