Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Other Old Media Dinosaur

Yesterday I lambasted network television. Today…newspapers.

Do you still get a big hunk of newsprint dropped at your door each morning? What would Sheryl Crow say about that? Her insistence that all of the common people use one sheet of toilet paper for each trip to the restroom to save the planet is misdirected in my opinion. Seems much more could be achieved by urging the remaining folks that still get newspapers to switch to online news and REALLY save the planet- in more ways that one.

Just the thought of getting a massive hunk of paper to read through, wadding through endless advertisemsents, getting newsprint on my fingers, and stacks of papers in the garage waiting to be recyucled, burned, or used for pets to do their business on just seems crazy to me.

‘News’ that is a day old or older, already out of date or irreleveant, and with no chance to revise or go deeper than the all-knowing journalist deems is necessary for us to read is also crazy in my opinion.

I do consume a good level of news. Each morning I peruse,, watch Fox News, get news alerts on my phone, and have a myriad of GoogleAlerts feeding news and updates to my inbox and phone as they happen. The few times I have conversations with folks that get most of their news from papers invariably have dated or incomplete information regarding events.

Check out this interesting story regarding the state of the industry:

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