Monday, May 14, 2007

Thanks Mom & Dad

Last night Michelle and I were talking about some things, and she mentioned to me rather off-handedly that growing up there wasn’t much physical affection at home. Hugs, hand-holding and other such things were rare occurrences.

It got me thinking about how those things were everyday, if not every hour, occurrences in my house growing up, and how much that impacted and shaped me.

I then started thinking about other things my parents did right. How easy it is to list the things they did wrong.

There is an entire industry of authors, speakers, books, and other products that are all about what our parents did wrong. Not mine specifically of course. I mean all parents. But I digress.

What was home-life for me growing up?

Full of hugs and kisses from mom and dad

I Love You was said at least every night at bedtime, and very often a couple times a day

Back-scratches on demand for anyone in the house

Mom or Dad Taxi cab rides to karate, dance, baseball, basketball, friend’s houses, malls, anywhere

Tickle fights

Dad helping to coach baseball

Mom as Boy Scouts den mother

Mom always home after school

Constant and kind care when we were sick

Prayer every night at dinner time, and ‘as needed’ during the day

Home cooked meals almost every night

Family dinner time almost every night

Being told on a regular basis God made me, I was special, and God had a plan for my life

…and so much more.

Thanks Mom & Dad.

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Jen @ de Jong Dream House said...

As someone who wrote a book about her parents' (multiple) divorces, I love this post. I write about the idea of snapshots, little pictures of what you hope to create for your own family. The idea is to look beyond the things your parents did wrong, and be intentional about articulating what you want to do instead. So many of things you listed are on my snapshot list for our family. Thanks for posting this!

DigitalRich said...


You're very welcome. Glad you enjoyed this.

There's an older book that I really liked from a small publisher called "What My Parents Did Right" that's an excellent read and a great reminder of how important our parents are in our lives.

Jen @ de Jong Dream House said...

I have that book!