Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Crazy Lady Flips Out

Tonight one of my four daughters had a softball game. It was a doozy.

A fight almost broke out. Not between the girls. No chance of that. They’re all just there to have fun. It was a couple parents on the other team that were the problem.

We were playing our rivals Hillsboro. Actually, in our area there is a very real pecking order based on how far south each team is from the hoity-toity Brentwood area. The Brentwood teams look at Grassland as folks from the sticks. Grassland, a couple miles south of Brentwood look down their noses at the Franklin teams. Franklin gets to kick around Bethesda and Hillsboro, while the folks from Bethesda and Hillsboro, and all the northern areas mentioned previously sneer at Spring Hill, Farivew..and God help them… College Grove. It’s quite funny actually.

So, tonight it was Franklin versus Hillsboro. The tension was heavy as parents from both sides prepared to see their 7 & 8 year old daughters battle to the death.

All was going well until one of the parents on the other team sort of flipped out. She didn’t like a call, and I guess the moonshine was kicking in, and she started yelling at the umpire. John the ump, a great guy, and very fair, walked over to the lady and said “Excuse me, are you the coach?” The lady didn’t answer. John repeated the question again, slower and very loud for all to hear. The lady responded “No.” And John said “I didn’t think so. If you’re not the coach, then were done here.” And walked away. The lady called out “Are you the umpire?”

John jumped back at her and told her one more crack out of her and she could go to her car. The lady flipped out and started yelling. I told all our girls to get off the field and head to the dugout. I’ve seen too many news stories of adults getting into fights at kids games. I didn’t want these little girls to see parents make idiots of themselves- or worse- get hurt.

Crazy Man got up and started defending Crazy Lady, a bit more yelling ensued, and then things finally settled down. We continued the game..and won.

After the game a couple parents came from the Hillsboro team over to us and apologized for Crazy Lady and assured us that they are not all like that. We thanked them for coming over and told them other than that incident we enjoyed playing with them.

John the umpire hung out with our team after the game and half-jokingly asked if I would walk him to his car.

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Anonymous said...

I noticed you said HALF-jokingly. What a world we live in.