Friday, May 11, 2007

Death In The Front Yard

We had a death in our front yard. A rather grisly one.

A deer got caught in the barbwire fence that runs along the side of our property. From what we could tell, it tried to leap over the fence (we have seen them do this often) and got one of its hind legs caught between the two upper layers of wire. It looks like it slipped in between the two, and then as it fell over the fence, the lower wire twisted up and over the upper wire, and bound the deer’s leg between the two.

The last few days we have driven past this trapped deer but did not see it. The place where it got caught up in the fence is tucked into a group of trees and hard to see from our driveway. It must have happened sometime between Monday at 1PM (I was mowing in that area about then) and yesterday (Thursday) afternoon.

The deer was finally discovered when Michelle was driving home from a doctors appointment and saw a large gathering of vultures near the tree-line. She strayed off the driveway and towards the vultures. As she neared, she said she could smell death and then saw what was left of the deer- one long hind leg trapped in the fence. Everything else- and I mean everything- was already consumed by the disgusting creepy vultures.

It’s very sad. That poor creature was trapped there and died, and we must have driven past it while it was still alive several times. If we had only known it was there and needed help we could have easily freed it.

Interesting insight into life. How many news stories, or maybe even personal stories, have we heard about someone trapped and desperate, near death or near exploding inside and causing death, and we don’t even know it. How easily we could start to help them if we only knew.

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therapydoc said...

Oh, Rich, this is way sad. I'm so upset just thinking about it. I'll always remember taking my kids to see Bambi and at that critical point in the movie, in a theater full of little children, my son screaming out, "They killed Bambi's MOTHER!"

barbed wire. sheesh