Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Check Out Last Month's Top 5 Greatest 'Hits'

#5 My Top 5 Obsessive Thoughts
I was tagged. This was my response. Simple as that.

#4 Watch The Glove, Turn The Body, Throw The Leg, Snap The Hand, Grunt
This won the award for longest title to a post. Other than that, nothing too remarkable about it. It is the mantra I am getting my 11 year old to recite as she lears to fast-pitch in softball.

#3 Amateur Musician
A YouTube hit video I wanted to share. Seems more than a few people enjoyed it.

#2 Tax Time: Who Are Your Dependants?
My buddy FMF at FreeMoneyFinance.com made this a relative hit by mentioning it on his huge personal finance blog. Gotta love the plug. Thanks FMF!

#1 Carnival of Family Life 51
Nothing like having the top-read post of the month be made up almost entirely of other people's content. Does alot for the old ego. Check out the carnival edition- It took me toooo long to format it the way I did, but I think it made it fun to read.

Finally- the highest HIT piece ever on DigitalRichDaily...yet again...from November 29th, 2006 (though it is getting close to being unseated):

Fly The Friendly Skies
A tale of hand-to-hand (or rather butt-to-face) combat at 30,000 feet.

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