Sunday, July 22, 2007

Faith In Mandalas

This is the last of my comments on “The Last Mimzy” and the wonderful comedy the bonus content provides.

Here a psychologist's incredibly lucid and crystal clear comments on Mandalas (ancient drawings and designs that represent the universe, yourself, cosmic energy, the world, mystical places and times, and all sorts of other things anyone can throw in when defining the doodles drawn by people thousands of years ago) and what renowned psychologist Carl Jung thought of them.

Holly J. Fincher, Ph.D.
Jungian Psychologist

“The Mandala brings things together in harmony and says ‘we are all in our microcosm of our own being, part of a greater whole.’

Jung undertook earlier in his, uh, career to study the unconscious through his own inner experiments and explorations. He engaged in a process of active imagination, which is essentially a kind of conscious dialogue with the inner figures that appeared in dreams, and what Jung did was he painted pictures of these figures. And through that experiential discovery and…and, study, and then combined with the, um, the discovery outwardly of this being in other cultures something that is known, Jung came to the realization that what the Mandala is, is a symbol of self.”

Another brilliant exploration in human-made religion.

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