Sunday, July 08, 2007

Last Minute Vacation

The annual CBA Convention (its now called the ICRS- International Christian Retail Show, but I cant help but call it what I have known it as for 15 years) starts in Atlanta today. Origianlly I planned on going late Tue night and coming home Wed afternoon, but a couple more clients of mine have asked me to be there. Its now turned into a 4 day trip.

This morning before church Michelle and I were talking about me having to leave today, and that I really didn’t want to go. I have been crazy busy lately and haven’t seen the family much- just the six of us. Last week was with friends, the week before I was in LA. So we decided to take an impromptu family trip.

I called my hotel in Atlanta and they graciously upgraded my room to accommodate the whole family at no extra charge. We skipped church YET AGAIN, Michelle and the girls packed, and we set out for Atlanta.

I love to do things spontaneously…and while Michelle usually doesn’t, she did me proud today. She jumped in with no concerns. It will be fun. Or at the very least, not boring.

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