Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Opinion Changed Twice In Two Minutes

Last night we had the last celebration of K’s fourteenth birthday. K wanted to have dinner at one of her favorite restaurants, Pei Wei Asian Diner. I can always eat there, but our two youngest don’t enjoy it at all. We stopped by Taco Bell drive-through to get them a few soft tacos.

We arrived at Pei Wei, ordered our food, and started wandering through the bustling restaurant trying to find a table. After finding nowhere to sit our group of 6, Michelle and the girls stood in a corner while I vultured around the people eating looking for the next table that might come available. I got lucky and grabbed two small tables next to each other, pulled them together, and grabbed a nearby unused chair to make a table for five. A & R, our youngest, had to share one of them for us to barely fit at the table.

Our food arrived, and as we ate Michelle remarked that Pei Wei used to have a person watching the parties coming in the door and ensure a table is reserved as each orders. It had been awhile since we were there, but they always used to do that. I agreed and thought perhaps they had cut the position to save costs, or just didn’t care anymore. I started thinking that maybe the food wasn’t as good either, and it was awfully loud.

Just then a very nice lady came to our table, apologized that she has been stuck in the back when we came in and ended up at this small table, and had two staffers come over, quickly clean off a nearby table, and pull it up to ours, giving us another chair, plenty of room, and additional apologies.

Suddenly clouds parted and the sun shined. It was, once again in our mind, as good a place as it had ever been. One person makes a huge difference in how customers perceive a product or service.

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