Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Home Shopping

This morning I accompanied one of my clients to a taping for a home shopping network segment. It was a make-shift studio set-up in a very large room at the convention center in Atlanta. They did a surprisingly good job of making the room look and feel like a studio, and the team there did a wonderful job working with my client.

Watching the hostess of the show talk to my client during the taping was fun. The veil of deep relationship that people pull over themselves when performing like this is fascinating. Whether its co-hosts or presenters on an awards show, guests on the couch on a talk-show, or product developers and creators on home shopping shows, everyone that is on the stage with a bright light and a camera on them are BFF (best friends forever) while on camera.

Big smiles, lingering hugs, high-pitched voices, hand-holding and deep kindly stares as someone is talking. The lights go off, the cameras turned off, and the real world begins again. Most often a batch of strangers that really do not know each other at all and are off to the next thing.