Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Major Miracle

Just over a week ago I wrote about a small miracle I witnessed- a little ant that could. Today, a huge miracle of biblical-proportions occurred.

Michelle and I were able to enlist (as in slave-labor) our four girls to help pull weeds in the yard. It was no easy task. We did our best to make it as fun as possible (plenty of water, pool breaks when we got hot, a boom box outside pumping Switchfoot and Relient K songs, etc).

To say our yard has a large mulch area in which to pull weeds from is an understatement. When we get mulch delivered we have to get a semi-truck to deliver it. Seriously. It takes a full semi-truck and trailer worth of mulch to cover the area 2-3 inches deeo. A truck pulls up and dumps the mulch into mountains around the yard from which we spend a few weekends pulling from to cover the landscaping area.

The girls were troopers- they did a great job! Well, not actually. They moaned, complained, got bit by bugs, took too long to return from pool breaks, moved at a snails pace in the hot sun, and generally complained that life was not fair. Michelle and I think we should make it a weekend tradition.

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