Monday, July 30, 2007

Thank You For Calling Cingular, How May I Help You?

I got a call today from a lady that sounded confused when I answered the phone.

I answered my business line as I always do... Simply stating my name. The line was silent for a moment, and then I heard a pleasant female voice stammer and ask me if this was Cingular.

Me: No, I think you have the wrong number.

Caller: Are you sure?

Me: Umm... I think so. I'm pretty sure this is not Cingular.

Caller: Is this 615-794-XXXX?

Me: Yes, that's my number, but this is not Cingular.

Caller: Well I am scheduled to meet with them tomorrow and I need to reschedule the meeting.

Me: Ok. I'm sorry this isn't Cingular. If it was I would certainly pass along the message, but its not. You've dialed the wrong number.

Caller: I'm sorry. Thank you.

2 minutes later the phone rings again and caller ID shows its the same lady that just called.

Me: Good afternoon! Thank you for calling Cingular, How may I help you?

Lady, seeming to recognize my voice: Oh hi- I'm calling to cancel a meeting I have at your office tomorrow and see if I can reschedule for Wednesday.

Me: Hi again! Its me- you just called me a few minutes ago.

Lady: oh, yes.

Me: Well, I was just kidding- this still isn't Cingular, and you're still dialing the wrong number.

Lady: is this 615-794-XXXX?

Me: Yes.

Lady: And this isn't Cingular?

Me: Noooooooo.

Lady: I'm sorry I must have written down the wrong number.

Me: (dial tone)

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