Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The 405 North, LA

In LA on business, but no rental car today. I just landed 30 minutes ago and am now in a cab. Have two meetings in Hollywood, then a cab right back to the airport this afternoon to head to Denver.

I have never taken a cab in LA, and now that I think about it have always driven myself around these parts.

This particular cab is a van, providing me with a view into the cars that we SLOWLY pass on the highway, or pass us. Here's a running coomentary:

Mom text messaging while a baby sits in the backseat. Man dozing off almost laying down with his seat fully reclined. Woman singing her head off to some latin song. Man watching a movie on a laptop in the passenger seat. Older man and woman looking straight ahead and very somber.

Fortunately I didn't see anyone in a rage pointing a gun around, and no police chases.

Well, the GPS is talking to my cab driver and telling him we're almost here. I guess LA is too big for the cab drivers to know how to get around without it.