Sunday, August 19, 2007

Chocolate Chip Waffles

Several years ago, sometime after a Halloween when the house was awash in chocolate, I made my fairly regular Daddy’s Breakfast for the girls.

On a whim I asked if the girls wanted crushed Hershey bars on top of their pancakes. After a loud and resounding yes from the crowd, a tradition was born. It’s got a bit out of hand.

Now, after a few years have gone by, and hundreds of bags of chocolate chips consumed, the “chip-count” per pancake or waffle has risen beyond the acceptable level. With pancakes I can control it somewhat (when I add them at the griddle versus manual application at the table by the girls). With the frozen waffles, which the girls can make on their own, the standard number of chips is now up to 20.

This came as a surprise to me as I plopped little R’s waffle on a plate this morning and asked her how many chocolate chips she wanted. I couldn’t remember if the standard was 8, or 10. Perhaps 12. “I’ll take 20” was her response. After my expressed surprise and refusal to surrender that many precious particles of chocolate she informed me that was how many the girls used now. I guess it’s like a chip for every single indention in the waffle.

Nope. I gave her 12 and let the household know that was the top limit of chocolate for breakfast.