Sunday, August 05, 2007


An old friend passed away last night. Michelle knew her first- from youth group in the church where we met. Christina’s father was the pastor, but that didn’t stop her from being real. As in real funny, real goofy, real sweet.

Michelle and I never kept up with her over the years…until recently when we got news of her terminal illness. She was expected to live until about Christmas. The news of her passing arrived in an email this morning.

I realized I don’t have any pictures of Christina that I can easily find. There is this one I took of her in my B&W photo days, but she deftly avoided the camera with a swift duck and swoop of the hand. I am sure I will find others over the next year as I scan all of our old photos to our network.

This life is so fragile. So swift it moves by. It does not seem real sometimes.

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