Thursday, August 02, 2007

Liking NetFlix Again

Sometimes I am an early adopter. Digital music players, tablet PC, Palm Pilot, PalmPC, SkyTel, Blackberry, etc. Definitely see a trend here in the technology/gadget sector. Tivo is a great example of where I have failed as one. There are others.

NetFlix is another one I was in early on. Shortly after launching, back when they had just one fulfillment center out on the west coast we joined. DVDs arrive in the mail, watch them, return in the shipping envelope, and get a new movie to watch from our list in the next 5-7 business days. Now with fulfillment centers all over the country that has dropped to as few as 1-2 days. Amazing.

A couple of years ago we dropped NetFlix because half the time the disc we got was so scratched and abused it was almost unwatchable. We gave them another try late last year and I was almost about to drop it again when I got an email annoucing a lower price and enhanced service. How often does that happen?

They were letting me know they were DROPPING the cost of my service a couple of dollars, AND, adding a new service that would allow me to watch 18 hours of streaming movies on my PC. I logged into my account, gave it a try, and wow. Great picture quality, wonderful streaming even on my lame DSL line, and a huge collection of films to watch.

They got me for sure the rest of 2007. We’ll see about 2008.

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