Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Picture and Story 7

To the reader perhaps this picture just looks like a goofy collection of interesting looking people with bad hair. To me, its family. With bad hair.

A few things jump out at me immediately when I see this. Firstly, anything even remotely related to air travel is a sort of sleeping pill for me. I get on a plane, I fall asleep. I get near a plane, I fall asleep. I go to the airport to see my mom and dad off on a trip…I fall asleep. In this picture- sound asleep. I even threw in the “bed head” look for full effect.

Michelle and her sister are proudly exhibiting their best hair of 1995, while little K appears to be frightened and seeks escape from the big hair monsters on her mom and aunt’s heads.

Mom was into the Brillo look at the time, while my sister Carla appears to have the most timeless hair of the group. What woman can ever go wrong with flowing unmade hair? It seems that would be the cut of choice when you know you will be in pictures that are meant to last a lifetime (graduations, marriages, sitting at airport gates, etc).

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Liza on Maui said...

Was this taken at one of the Hawaii Airport? Looks like it to me (but then again maybe all airports look the same...)

Ahh.. hair styles come and go - they are a good reminders of memories :)

DigitalRich said...

Nope...good ole NashVegas in all it's glory :)


Unknown said...

I think their hair looks marvelous! Especially the one at the end with little K.