Friday, August 17, 2007

Dirt Pie For Dinner

I thouroughly enjoy The Drudge Report ( The site is often slammed as a right-wing news outlet, but I cant understand that at all. Drudge doesn’t say a THING on his own… he simply culls from the vast selection of domestic and international news outlets and provides links directly to the source, without editorial comment.
Below the news are tons of links to opinion sites, blogs and news sites. Through it I have discovered some very interesting sites. When I am bored and want a laugh I read North Korea’s Newsites. They never fail in spewing Orwellian newspeak, and calling black white. Its like the NY Times on steroids. Here is a ‘headline’ from today’s edition:

Western Countries Using ‘Human Rights’ Claims to Conquer The World

Pyongyang, August 17-- Rodong Sinmun today in its editorial article calls for resolutely frustrating the imperialists' "human rights" offensive, noting that it is a grave factor of preventing the independent development of each country and nation and threatening the global peace and security. (WHAT?)

The imperialists consider the "human rights" offensive as important leverage in carrying out their strategy for world supremacy, the article says, adding that it is, in essence, intended to force other countries and nations to introduce the "model of human rights" of Western style in a bid to Westernize and Americanize the world.

The danger of the offensive lies in that it is used as a lever for openly interfering in the internal affairs of other countries and infringing upon their state sovereignty and a prelude to the war of aggression against other countries, the article notes, and goes on: The above-said offensive is mainly targeted against anti-imperialist independent countries, the revolutionary countries.

The offensive against socialist countries is the most persistent and vicious of the imperialists' reactionary "human rights" rackets. The imperialists' moves to destroy the politico-ideological unity and the collectivist way of life of the socialist society have reached a phase of dangerous actions. Their offensive is fierce as it is aimed at defaming and bringing down the socialist state and social system.

The main thrust of their offensive is to slander the leadership function and role of the party. Thoroughly frustrating the imperialists' "human rights" offensive is the key to winning the victory of the popular masses' cause of independence against imperialism and consolidating and developing the socialist society, the article points out, and continues: The practical experience of the Korean revolution clearly proves that it is important to firmly defend the country's sovereignty and adhere to the revolutionary principle, the working-class principle in order to smash the imperialists' "human rights" offensive.

It also proves that it is necessary to hold aloft the banner of Songun in order to foil the above-said offensive. It was entirely thanks to the Songun policy that the DPRK government could take a series of self-defensive measures to protect the country's sovereignty and dignity in the period when there prevailed a touch-and-go situation and greet the dawn of a great prosperous powerful nation after victoriously concluding the "Arduous March," the forced march.

Songun precisely means the life and soul of the Korean people. This is the faith they enshrined while weathering out stern trials. They will hold higher the banner of Songun in the future, too, and eternally glorify Korean-style socialism where genuine human rights are fully guaranteed.

I can almost see in my mind a proud and patriotic North Korean peasant reading this while eating a dirt pie and drinking muddy water and raising his arms in celebration at the great strides his nation and party are making in improving his life. Assuming of course it is daylight (see above picture to see North Korea versus South Korea at night), he has electricity, and a computer, and internet service...and can read.


Next Stop Lauderdale said...

Drudge may not be saying it but he propagates certain items (though exposed by others) that the mainstream media is trying to suppress with a large following, hence he is evil......steve