Friday, August 24, 2007

Brave, Almost To The End

The day started crisp, clear and painfully hot. Yesterday was our 15th day of 100 degree weather in the lovely Greater Nashville area. R was excited to have the day begin- it was her first day of kindergarten.

I was uplifted by her enthusiasm. She was so ready for this day to come, and looked so cute with her backpack on and a smile ready for the world. This was her day. She was officially a ‘big girl.”

In contrast, her older sisters that had started school the week prior, saw today as just another school day. The faces were long, eyes sleepy, and bodies moving slowly. R was unfazed. This day was the start of something new. A new chapter in her life, a new independence, a new world really, filled with new friends, teachers, fun, games, and walking the hallways in single-file while looking up at the giant 6th graders. Her spirits were soaring.

When I watched her, and listened to her talking about how excited she was, I could almost…barely…remember a glimmer of my first day at school. Disjointed flashes and images come to mind. I think I can remember what my class looked like, I think I see images of a blackboard and a lunch room when on Friday’s we could get ice cream cones for 20 cents.

She had not a trace of fear in her- she was good to go. Until it was time to leave her classroom after dropping her off. Then everything changed. The tears flowed, she hugged Michelle and said she was afraid. Michelle wouldn’t let go and started to tear up. I played my part in the drama- “Michelle, come on, its time to go. R will be fine.”

We left as the teacher kindly jumped in and hugged R and showed her to a table with puzzles and games.

Several hours later when Michelle picked her up, R was on top of the world again. She was so excited about her first day and couldn’t wait for the next. She wait until dinner to tell us about her day. We typically have our other 3 girls tell us about their school day during dinner conversation, and she could finally participate.


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Have you read the children's book "Kissing Hands"? This post kind of reminded me of that :)

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