Friday, August 10, 2007

After 300, These Are A Few Of My Favorite Posts

Today is post # 300 at DigitalRichDaily. For bloggers that have been at for awhile, or those that post multiple times a day, that is no great feat. However, as a once a day poster, it’s a pretty big deal for me.

I will take this occasion to remember a few past stories posted here that are my favorites. I think I was inspired by my post yesterday. In that spirit, I am pleased to announce to you that this blog has been voted the BEST BLOG on the internet (by me and my family). Here are my favorite dishes for your enjoyment (in no particular order):

Our Families Off-Road Adventure
Fly The Friendly Skies
Switchfoot And Stolen Cars
Rain In The Middle Of The Night
Follow The Leader
The Almost Great Leipers Fork Fire
Showdown At The Carmike Cinema Corral
The Love Letter
Unanswered Questions
Experminenting With Forms Of Government
My A-ha Moments
My Worst Presentation Ever
The Great Race
I Couldn’t Make This One Up

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Liza on Maui said...

Congratulations on 300th post and being voted the BEST BLOGGER on the internet.

From the list, my favorites are the "Experimenting with Forms of Gov't" and "The Love Letter". I'm sure I have some more, I just can't remember which ones..

DigitalRich said...

Thanks Liza- you are such a kind and loyal reader. My days of lazy mornings trolling around the internet reading interesting blogs has waned greatly in the last few fact I dont think I have been able to read much of anyone elses work which is frustrating to me. I can barely even get my own daily posts done.