Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Picture and Story 8

First, the cast of characters- from left to right: Fireman #1, My dad, my nephew C, my sister Carla, and Fireman #2.

Now the story… Carla was leaving my parents house on a lovely 100 degree day, and buckled C into his car seat. The car was running, A/C on, and she closed the door to go back in and get baby J to put him in the car.

While this was happening, C unbuckled himself, climbed into the front seat, locked the doors, and proceeded to check out the contents of Carla’s purse. When Carla came out to put the baby in the car all heck broke loose.

C wouldn’t unlock the doors, and probably didn’t quite understand much of anything. Besides being 2 years old, the music was BLARING out of the speakers thanks to C cranking up the volume.

Things really got out of control when my dad came out to see what was going on. He gets a little wacky under stress and all he could see were two possible outcomes to the horror he beheld in his driveway: 1) C would shrivel up and die in the heat when the car ran out of gas later sometime the next day and the A/C stopped. 2) C would shift the car into drive and crash into the house killing all occupants in the house and car despite the emergency brake being on.

And so…the fire department was called. They got C out in no time at all, and you can see from the photo at the top my sister was not embarrassed at all by the episode. And C’s look pretty much says it all- “what in the world is going on here?”

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