Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Amazing Coincidence?

Last month I wrote about a film that impacted me personally (“Being Right” is the name of the post, not the name of the film). It really helped me see what the world sees in me when they find out I’m a follower of Jesus Christ. And its not pretty. The film has not been released yet- looks to come to theatres sometime in the first half of 2008.

Oh the world seems to gravitate to most of the teachings of Jesus, and many even think he was a pretty cool guy. But wrap American Christianity around someone, and they are seen as a pariah. So many outspoken and hurtful people have cloaked Christianity with a heavy coat of weights. Judgmental proclamations, pointed fingers, shouts of “hey- look at that sawdust in your eye!” (if you don’t get that last one, check this out).

So, anyways, yesterday I met up with a gent here in Franklin TN who runs a marketing consulting firm. As we started our pre-meeting chit-chat I told him how I’ve been (a response to the standard greeting of “how ya been?). If you know me personally, and you don’t feel like hearing me drone on for way too long, don’t ask me. I tend to really answer that question honestly.

In my response I mentioned this film and how I had the opportunity to screen it as part of my work for a client. He told me the filmmakers, Dan and Jeff from Portland OR, were across the street at a lunch meeting with someone from his staff. I couldn’t believe it. Neither could he.

After our meeting, at my friends recommendation, I wandered over to Puckett’s Restaurant and introduced myself to Dan and Jeff. I told them I had seen their film and was greatly impacted by it. I told them what a wonderful job they had done. They asked me how I had seen it and I told them I downloaded it from an illegal peer-to-peer file service. There was an instant there they believed me and they didn’t seem very thrilled.

How amazing. How weird. Yet again, something that in no way could be coincidence. Impossible. Here’s another one- one of my clients- a friend, was in Italy with his wife a couple weeks ago. While there, wandering the streets of Milan, he ran into a mutual friend and former co-worker Greg, his wife and two kids. They hung out a bit and remarked on what a coincidence it was that two people from the same small town in TN, friends, would run into each other in a city of 5 million, 5 thousand miles away.

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Christa said...

Hey digitalrich...strange question for you...after being a reader of your blog for a little while now - I only just connected the dots that you do exactly what I would like to do ....when I grow up.

Would you mind if I picked your brain on what you did to get there? if you're OK with it.


DigitalRich said...

Finally getting around to responding to this blog comment (though i have of course responded directly to you via email). What exactly do you think I do? I would like to wife and friends ask me all the time and I've no idea how to answer them.