Friday, August 31, 2007

The Crows Are Talking

If you are an animal person- the kind that despises anyone that hurts any animal- don’t read this post. If instead, you are ok with the general concept that some creatures can be classified as pests, and humans may on occasion rid their domestic dwelling from such pests, then you will probably be ok with this. Read on.

We had in infestation of crows. Big ugly screaming crazy crows. They tortured other birds, ruled the land, and continually fouled our water fountain in the front yard. I decided to take care of it the only way I know how. My trust Daisy BB gun.

For several days I took pot-shots at them, never really coming close (BB guns are not noted for their accuracy beyond about 6 inches). I finally downed two of them. And it seemed to have sent a message to the local crow community.

I have heard these creatures are very smart and very aware of their surroundings, including threats. The word is out about DigitalRich and his scary “fire stick.” We are down from 15-20 crows that were continually patrolling the property to an occasional 2 or 3 that show up every few days. And if there are any crows in the area when I step outside the racket begins. I really think they are warning each other that the crazy man with the killer BB gun is out and about.