Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Burbank To Hollywood Commute

In LA and I get to pretend to live and work here for a week. I am working out of a clients office in a part of LA a good 25 miles from my hotel room in Burbank. I made quite a mistake picking the Burbank Marriott Hotel and trekking to Culver City, through Hollywood, each morning.

It looked relatively close on the map.

Not being well-versed in LA commutology, I did not appreciate the challenge of moving south through the hills and valleys south of Burbank, getting through Hollywood, and over and around to Culver City. A 25 mile commute in Nashville means about…oh…26 minutes driving time.

From Burbank to Culver City in the morning is closer to 2 hours if you leave at 8AM.

I have been all over California many times over the last 15 years, and the weather and beauty of this state never ceases to amaze me. But the traffic these wonderful people in LA struggle with each and every day absolutely crushes the human spirit. It takes almost all the life out of me…nudging through traffic, standing still on highways, watching my fuel meter needle tick towards empty like a second hand on an analog watch, only backwards.

Next time I will be sure to book a hotel NEXT DOOR if at all possible. If one is not available, I will rent a large car and sleep in it.

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