Monday, June 11, 2007

Save A Life, Take A Life

It looks like my effort to save a young Red-tailed Hawk was not in vain. He (she?) faced fairly certain death hobbling along on the pavement at the Hillsboro Elementary & Middle School parking lot last Saturday. Relocating him to our peaceful 11 acre spread seems to have been the right thing to do.

We saw him yesterday sitting high atop our kids playground set keeping a watchful eye for field mice in the yard. I startled him and he flew to the trees nearby. As I watched him fly he looked much better than he had the day I found him.

As I headed out for the day today to catch a meeting I saw him once again on top of the swing set looking as content as a Hawk can look.

It felt good to have helped save the life of that little bird. As I pulled out onto our main road and hit full-speed I thought about how cool it would be if he hung around permanently and added to our rich array of wildlife in the DigitalRich Crew’s backyard.

Just then a large bird flew right into my windshield and died instantly.


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