Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Money Man

Tonight was the big night. The band I manage, the koo, has come to a point where they need a cash infusion. Just like any small business, cash is king, and these dudes have none.

New record to record in August, production, mixing, art, packaging, radio promotion, marketing and promotion, and a bit more. All for about $15,000. A band on a budget.

Dinner at Blackstone Brewery in Nashville with a money-man. Potential investor. I’m sure the band was hoping we would walk out with a signed check. I knew better. People that have money have it mostly for one reason. They’re smart. And the keep their money as long as they keep their smarts. Unless the person inherited money or won the lottery. This guy did neither- he's built several businesses from scratch.

Hand-crafted brew and a nice dinner did nothing to kill his brain cells. He wants a full business plan, income and expense plan, return on investment forecast, and due diligence done on the potential partners (record producer, radio promotions team, etc). Yay!!! More work for me!

Sarcasm aside, I love these guys and want to do all I can to help them. I will crack open the trustly Microsoft Excel and get to work.

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