Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tracking Time

My consulting business is now officially way off the ground. A very nice group of clients, with great products and services, and a million things to get done.

I thought it would be easy to track the projects and time devoted to each client. I started using Microsoft Journal and Tasks to track everything, carefully setting up each client as a category and color. That lasted about a month.

I was spending almost as much time typing in information and tracking work as I was actually working. Now I have shifted to a series of templates and print them out so I can make quick hand-written notes on each one. Then I have to go back and type in the information, add up the hours, and send to my clients.

The problem is that the way I imagined work would flow is not working out. I though it would be easy to block off this hour for this client, and that hour for that client. The reality is, each hour may include 5 or 10 minute blocks all across my client roster based on who returns calls, when requested information hits my inbox, and much more. Its not working very well. I need a better solution.

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