Sunday, June 10, 2007

Picture and Story 3

Have you ever plopped a couple of those tinny tokens in the ride at Chucky Cheese that takes that grainy bad quality picture of your cute kid and then spits it out on cheap thermal paper?

Your lucky if you make it home without it getting all crinkled in your wallet or pocket.

Imagine going through old photos and finding one in mint condition 9 years after the photo was taken.

Here is our girl K, 4 years of age, back in 1997.

Chucky Cheese is most certainly not a regular hang for us. It has the worst pizza in the world, horrible service, bad entertainment, and the play area is a massive bacteria farm. About the only time we have ever gone is when one of our girls friends had a birthday party there. And at each one we have one of these thermal photos.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for confirming all my Chucky Cheese fears! I imagined the bad pizza, etc. as well as hordes of screaming kids, bright orange everywhere, one massive assault to the senses, all ringleadered by a mutant rodent.

Liza on Maui said...