Friday, June 29, 2007

Its 2:44AM And Lights Out

My flight home from LA was supposed to land at 12:40AM in Nashville. The Southwest flight from Burbank to Las Vegas was delayed, and then the flight from Vegas to Nashville was delayed as well. We landed at 1:40AM.

I had skipped lunch, and didn’t have time for dinner, so I was about ready to eat about anything. Thank goodness for the 24-hour McDonalds drive through near the airport. There’s only one problem with 24-hour places once midnight hits…the only people that will work those shifts are not exactly quick, efficient, service-oriented professionals.

I can picture the discussion with management: “Billy-Bob, your performance this quarter has been dismal. You have given out boys happy-meal toys to girls at least 27% of the time, never put ketchup or straws in peoples bags and on at least two occasions customers have complained that you left the bathroom without washing your hands. I’m going to have to assign you to the 2AM-6AM shift. Sorry Billy.” Either that, or when they hire someone new, they tell them “the late shift is all about paying your dues…someday if you work hard you’ll get to wear a manager’s hat like mine.”

Either way, the value meal #2 with a diet coke ordered at 1:50AM took about 15 minutes. I was now hungry and very, very angry.

By the time I arrived home it was almost 3AM and I spilled mustard on my dress shirt and diet coke on my car floor. All around crappy day. But it was good to be home.

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