Thursday, June 14, 2007

Psst...Hey Dude...Got Any Lamb?

“Rich- can you drive to Fly TN and meet Stacy and I there to hand off the lamb? Its about halfway between your place and ours- we could meet in the parking lot of Fly Market. We can keep it for a day and have our developer get a quote done on the project by tomorrow.”

Does that sound strange to you? Did to me too. I am working on a project with a client that involves a super-secret new product for kids. The company is ThingamaKid (very cool video and music label making fun kids…ummm…video and music).

As I stood in the parking lot of a small market in Fly TN handing off a stuffed animal to another grown man like a secret drug deal, I noticed two good ole boys sitting on the market's front porch watching us intently.

I felt just a bit weird.

I haven’t heard or thought of Fly TN since Michelle and I first started to look for land to build on back in 2003. A friend and co-worker- Joey Elwood- owned 50 acres out there. He said it was for sale, and I told him I might be interested. Its about 30min south of where we are now in lovely Leipers Fork.

I came home from work and told Michelle we would add good ole Fly TN to our regular weekend drive-around list. Each weekend we spent a few hours checking out land for sale. She refused.

“Rich, there is no way I am going to live in a town called Fly. Period. Its gross.”

Scratch that one off the list.

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