Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Open Bar

A full day of Licensing Show. Many meetings, walking the floor, taking notes, processing ideas and trends.

With the day almost over I make plans with my client for dinner and head to my hotel room to get some email done and freshen up before dinner.

Seems I missed all the fun by cutting out early.

My client- the CEO/Founder and two of his staff stayed on the floor until closing. As they headed out they noticed a crowd at a big booth and saw it was a party. They crashed it and discovered the well-to-do host, American Greetings, had provided an open bar for their guests.

When they showed up for dinner they were SLOSHED. Between the three of them they estimate they downed 15-18 drinks. “Hey- we don’t normally drink this much, but it was free, man!”

It was a very entertaining evening.

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